Sperm Whale's chronicles

Sperm whale: “A Legendary Animal”

Sperm whales have been attracted a lot of attention since legends involving this animal came up.

Moby-Dick, published by Herman Melville in 1851 was based in memories of whalers [6], but Melville deliberately picked the most bloody and disturbing stories he could find to write his novel [6].

Moby-Dick was largely ignored by the time it was published [6].

Figure 1: Moby-Dick, a “real life” monster that could destroy and sink a ship on it own.

Leviathan is also another legend based on sperm whales (Fig. 2). This is one of the biggest sea monsters described by mythology (Fig. 3). In Modern Hebrew, it means whale.

Figure 2: A representation of Leviathan similar to a sperm whale.

Figure 3: In mythology, Leviathan is described as a long and deadly creature.

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