Biology and ecology

Very little is known about the Goblin shark’s diet as like with other sharks, it has a tendency to regurgitate its stomach contents when caught. From what identifiable stomach contents that have been able to be collected from these sharks, its consisted of deep-living teleost fish parts from organisms such as rattails and dragonfishes but also partly included fish parts of midwater species such as the cephalopod Teuthowenia pellucida (Stevens & Paxton 1985). Peculiarly, one study claims that it found rubbish such as plastic bags in a Goblin Shark’s stomach (Yano et al, 2007).  Thus, it appears the shark forages for food at both benthic zones and pelagic zones.

The life history of this species is virtually unknown as there are few specimens to study.  It is thought it likely shares reproductive characteristics of other mackerel sharks, such as being viviparous.

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