Kiwa Hirsuta has a lot of analogous characteristic with Galatheoidea  which called ‘squat lobsters’. Smooth dorsal Carapace and similar length-width ratio (the length of Kiwa Hirsuta is 1.3 times longer than broad ) make the Kiwa Hirsuta looks like a crab or a lobster. That is why the Kiwa Hirsuta belongs to Family Kiwaidae, in the superfamily Galatheoidea of infraorder Anomura. The distinctive characters which distinguish Kiwa from Galatheoidea include the shape of carapace ornamentation, large sternite between third maxillipeds and ‘hairy’ chelipeds and walking legs.

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Kiwa Hirsuta is white and with strongly reduced eyes. The eyes are a bit more than vestigial membranes without pigment and visual structure. This is an obvious character caused by the lightness in the deep sea.

The size of Kiwa Hirsuta is quite small, compare with the familiar sorts of crab or lobster. The total length of it is 88.4mm and the sarapace length 51.5mm.

The rostrum of the Kiwa Hirsuta is broadly triangular and slightly concave. There are some small teeth near the rostrum and granules could be seen on the lateral borders. The ventral side is slightly carinated.

Kiwa Hirsuta has one pair of chelipeds, four pairs of walking legs and paired pleopods. The fifth pereopod is not visible because it is below the sternal plastron. The chelipeds and the first two walking legs numerous spine with yellow corneal tip and tuft of long and dense plumose setae, absent in cheliped fingers. Chelipeds are almost twice as long as the sarapace including rostrum and They are considered the aquaticn of bacteria.

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