Family Kiwa

Kiwa is a family in Superfamily Chirostyloidea which was set after the discovery of Kiwa Hirsuta in 2005. Actually, Kiwa Hirsuta was first seen in 2001 by the scientists of German cruise Sonne SO-157. Because they mischaracterized the Kiwa Hirsuta as another species, no example was collected and no description was noted at that time.

In2006, one year after found of Kiwa Hirsuta, another species called Kiwa puravida which means ‘pure creature’ in Costa Rica language were discovered in Costa Rica. The third species of Kiwa, named “The Hoff”, was found on the East Scotia Ridge.

Some researchers studied the “The Hoff” in recent years. The analysis of mitochondrial and nuclear rDNA of the Kiwa Hirsuta and “The Hoff” shows that the divergence time for the two species is 12 million years ago.

Kiwa puravida was discovered at the deep sea of 1000 meters deep while the Kiwa Hirsuta was found at the depth of 2200 meters which is quite similar to “The Hoff”.

In my opinion, the hydrothermal vents provide almost all the energy that Kiwa need. That is the reason why the Kiwa could not go to another hydrothermal vent which a long way off its habitat. The differences of temperature and chemical substances magma caused the morphological characteristics of different species of Kiwa.

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