Weekly Sponge-date 7 – The Final Sponge-down

This marks my final sponge-date! What a ride it has been! When I first started this blog, I was dubious about its topic. I wondered – what is so interesting about sponges? Is there enough to write about? Ah, how ignorant and naive. I was surprised when they looked somewhat different to this fellow:

Sponge bob square pants (a popular children's cartoon character)
Sponge bob square pants (a popular children’s cartoon character)

Truth is, I have been amazed by what I have found. In the deep murky depths of the internet was a thriving community of sponge enthusiasts. The information I plundered filled the sponge-shaped gap in my life I never knew existed. I have been reassured by the friendly welcoming nature of the venus flower basket sponge to next be intimidated by the weird, yet magnificent killer harp sponge. I have read about the sheer age of individual sponges with awe and trembled at how long the species has been on this planet (it makes the human race look like a mere developing foetus!). I now geek out about an all-new super hero who is a powerful combination of sponge and man (Sponge-man would kick Spiderman’s behind!). Finally I have been fascinated by the diverse nature of the sponge body plan and would happily spend hours staring at them in my spare time!

It has been a rollercoaster! Sad though it may seem, of all the organisms living in extreme habitats, I ended up being glad I chose sponges. May the sponge be with you!

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