Weekend Sponging

Worried about my weird obsession with sponges? Or perhaps you are a fellow sponge enthusiast and you want something to make yourself feel a bit more “normal”? Well fear not, for we are not alone. Sir David Attenborough himself has a great passion for sponges, in all their spongy glory. Click the link below and watch to justify your interest in this blog:


Photo of Sir David Attenborough
Picture of Sir David Attenborough (originated from Wikicommons, author: Mikedixson)

Lo and behold, he is in fact talking about this weeks iconic sponge -the Venus Flower Basket. You can read about this sponge in the post below. Instead of focusing on the sponge’s association with shrimps, he details their amazing ability to produce complex lattices out of siliceous spicules.

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