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Good Sponge Everyone! My name is SamSolo93 and I shall be studying deep sea sponges for weeks to come. Every week, I am going to give the world information about an iconic sponge or some interesting facts about sponges in general. Join me as I go a bit sponge mad and revel in the  sponge mania.

Todays iconic sponge is the Venus Flower Basket (Euplectella aspergillum).

Venus_Flower_Basket 2
Venus flower-basked (Euplectella aspergillum).

This glass sponge inhabits the deep sea and tends to provide a home for two shrimps. That’s right, these sponges actually allow a male and female shrimp to live out their lives in a sponge (if they are in to that sort of thing!). The sponge also provides the shrimps with a delicious meal of it’s own waste. After the couple reproduces, their young are released to find a Venus Flower Basket of their very own.

So what’s in it for the sponge? It’s all very well making a couple of shrimps happy, but sometimes a sponge needs something in return. Naturally, any self-respecting shrimp wants to keep their household tidy and this spring clean provided by the shrimps are what make this shrimp-shrimp-sponge relationship work!

The shrimps and the sponge is such a beautiful story that it has captured the imagination of many. The dry husk of a formal shrimp home is given as a traditional wedding gift in some Asian communities. Join us next week for another iconic sponge!


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  1. Wow, I can’t wait for next week’s iconic sponge being given as a wedding gift in a community! If anyone’s reading, I wouldn’t mind an iconic sponge as a gift myself! Amazing. Really interesting subject matter, and I like the way you are presenting it. The detail in the introduction is great, and if you stick to the theme of sponges and their ecosystem level importance, I think you can develop a winner!

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