Global Distribution

Euphausia superba is found within the Southern Ocean in Antarctic waters between the polar front and the continent. They are usually found to depths of up to 100m and in water temperatures of approximately -2 degrees Centigrade.

A system of ocean currents occurs within the waters of the Southern Ocean, and the krill are seen to swarm within these different water masses in order to ascertain one single group, surrounding Antarctica. The swarms of krill, following the melt and freeze of sea ice, can be seen via satellite imagery from space (Figure 4) (Hoare, 2009).

Figure 1: Distribution of E. superba. Taken from a NASA seaWIFS. Main areas of abundance are e Scotia Sea at the Antarctic Peninsula
Figure 4: Distribution of Antarctic Krill (represented by marker points). Taken from a NASA seaWIFS. Main area of abundance is the Scotia Sea at the Antarctic Peninsula.