‘The Chagos Islands are worth protecting’

This article explains the background of the Chagos archipelago. It mentions the inhabitants that once lived there, before being displaced when the British Indian Ocean Territory was created.  There surrounding oceans are referred to as ‘some of the world’s cleanest’, suggesting the no-take protection of these islands are providing the fortress that this ecosystem needs

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‘Ocean Acidification Could Cost the World its Coral… and a Trillion Dollars’

An interesting article recently posted in nature world news summarises the report ‘An Updated Synthesis of the Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Marine Biodiversity’. This report was written by the researchers and experts of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, which has been assessing the economic impacts climate change and degrading biodiversity could have on the world.

It also assesses and sums up the economical costs of ocean acidification. The author of the report states that “the global cost of ocean acidification impacts on molluscs [sp.]  and tropical coral reefs is estimated to be over US $1,000 billion annually by the end of the century”.

The article writes that the researchers acknowledge that governments are just now realizing this threat and taking action to slow and mitigate its effects.

The report concluded  that “even if [action is taken] now, anthropogenic ocean acidification will still last tens of thousands of years. Significant ocean ecosystem changes, and the need to learn to live with those changes, therefore seem certain’.

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