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The Hood

The unusual hood in the male hooded seals is on average two times bigger than a football! It has a volume of about 6.3 liters and when inflated it doubles the size of the seals head.

Male hooded seal with inflated hood
Courtesy of Wildscreen Arkive

When you see a red balloon instead of a dark grey or black one, this is actually something separate. The red balloon is the nasal septum which they blow out through one of the nostrils. This nasal septum is what normally fills the hood.

Male hooded seal nasal display
Courtesy of Wildscreen Arkive


Welcome to my blog on Hooded Seals

During my blog I aim to give you all the information you could possibly want on this weird and wonderful creature from their adorable pups to the bizarre looking males.

I hope that you take an interest with me during this and enjoy it as much as I will. I’m sure you will be just as enthusiastic as this little guy.

seal pup
Courtesy of Arctic Adventures