Rimicaris exoculata


Rimicaris exoculata is a species of shrimp found at deep sea hydrothermal vent sites along the Mid-Atlantic ridge. Fantastic, now why would anyone in be interested in reading (or indeed writing a blog) about deep sea prawns? Well, here are the 3 reasons I think Rimicaris makes an intriguing subject for this marine biology blog

1) Rimicaris occurs in extremely dense swarms, reaching up to 3000 individuals per square metre

2) Rimicaris has been reported living in water temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius

3) Although living in the  pitch black environment of the ocean depths, these shrimps have highly modified eyes which raise interesting questions about the possibility of light at the bottom of the sea and even the evolution of the eye.

Over the next few weeks, I intend to further discuss these points and let the world know why Rimicaris exoculata is THE most extreme creature found at hydrothermal vents (as opposed to those glory hunting tubeworms).

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